Direction: Mara Siegel, Vincent Johnson, Konstantin Hehl, Kevin Paterka, Lars Köppl

This film got exhibited at

Design Acedemy Eindhoven
Dutch Design Week


«20 years ago, millions of Serbs protested on Belgrades streets - demanding the resignation of dictator Slobodan Milošević. The clenched white fist on black ground - the symbol of the demonstrators who had managed to overthrow the president in 1999, can be seen again, on the seething streets of Belgrade.

Today, Belgrade is in a turbulent mood, again. The streets are packed – the citizens have the same aim: to overthrow their ruling president Aleksandar Vučić, who dictatorially plunges the Serbs into a new crisis. It's almost like a déjà-vu of a bygone era that looks closer than ever: Belgrade is reviving its past, when turbulent times lead to the bombardment of the City by the NATO in 1999. The city was destroyed and new urban structures grew out of its ashes: The informal architecture of Belgrade.

The houses of Belgrade, who have experienced the era of the Yugoslavian war, two generations of dictatorship, and the resistant actions of thousands of Belgrade citizens, are alarmed. They memorize what they have experienced…  

... how their inhabitants hid inside them, how they fled from terror, and returned home after the war. Now, in 2019 they see what unfolds on the streets and they share their memories.»

City of Memories is the story of Belgrade’s post-war informal architecture told by houses themselves.

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