This project was part of Victoria Summer Camp in the planned city of Victoria, Brasov in Romania. We discovered the city of Victoria with honest joy and playful curiosity until this very night when we met a handful of teenagers on the stairs in front of the Casa de Cultura. We connected with them and discovered that nothing really differentiates us.

Thanks to their openness, we gained a very intimate and personal insight into Victoria's current Youth Culture. We experienced the life in a city planned to be a city of youth but with a very high average age.

This was the start of an exchange between our diverse realities. As a result, we collected all our experiences into a Victorian Youth Magazine called "Oraș al tinereții".

Nevertheless, the biggest achievement of our project and time in Victoria is surely our grown friendship.

This work got exhibited at

#05 Utopian Cities

#06 Simultan Festival

Team: Konstantin Hehl, Kevin Paterka, Lars Köppl

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