This film got exhibited at

Passagen Köln 2019
KISDparcours 2019 

Camera: Lars Köppl, Konstantin Hehl
Sound Recording: Kevin Paterka
Edit: Lars Köppl
Mastering: Johannes Schuster
Starring Sarah von Kannen, Melissa Stenkamp, Daniel Tefera, Konstantin Hehl, Kevin Paterka

Invisible Noise

Where am I and what is happening in this moment? Our sensory impression helps us to answer this question and to maintain our orientation. During day and night we continuously receive a multitude of impulses and stimulations which we perceive by our special nerves - our sensory cells.

This supposedly free discovery of our environment is controlled by our subconsciousness in order not to get crushed by the variety of impressions. »Invisible Noise« plays with our attention between the sense of hearing and the sense of sight. (The support by our eyes to define a sound is missing).

The inaudible becomes audible.

If we become aware of the diversity of our sensory impressions, the city begins to tell invisible stories. Everyday noise turns into rhythms and the city grows into an orchestra.

Usually this film was conceptualized as a room installation with three screens hanging from the ceiling. To see the installation, click here.